Maryland State High School Rowing Championships

Washington College Rowing hosted the Maryland State High School Rowing championships on April 29.  This brought over a dozen high school rowing teams to Chestertown on (thankfully) a really nice day that provided great water for the event.  It was an insane amount of work but totally worth every bit of it, as we got rave reviews from the parents and coaches at each team.

I took a handful of pictures and threw them together to highlight the scenes from the day, but most of these don’t do it justice.  We had our small boatyard filled with trailers and boats, and it all managed to fit really well.  I think its a great event not only for the college but the town and most importantly the sport.  Growth is important, at least the appropriate kind of growth, and this regatta at this site is a great thing for everyone.  It definitely makes me feel like I’m contributing something to the bigger picture.

Next year I have an idea for stakeboats (small sailboats) and some other improvements that I think will enhance the regatta some, such as better buoys.  I also need to make a better plan as far as raising money at the event and marketing my summer camp, which I tried but didn’t do as well as I thought I might.

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